Projects, works and others activities in the field of the valorisation of the cultural heritage. 1998/2011

2011 The Palazzo Pignatelli in Castelvetrano - The Castle Bellumvider

A castle of the Norman King Frederick II in the western Sicily: study for the reuse, processing two-dimensional architectural drawings, graphics, and three-dimensional drawings and animations. Presentation of project restructuring and re-use of this historic architecture of big large surface area in the historic city center of Castelvetrano.

 Client: Bellumvider Cultural Society / Gabriella’s / Olio Verde. Italy,  2011

2011 “3D Visual Application for Upgrading Archaeological Studies and Museum Presentation"

International archaeological meeting “Selinus 2011- Restauri dell’antico: Ricerche ed Esperienze nel Mediterraneo di età greca” Selinunte, Sicily, October 2011

Presentation of the stunning results related to the application of a experimental and optimised  3D-video technique, oriented to the representation, visual enhancement and the promotion of archaeological sites, of architectural contexts, and for studies and museographic application: “3D Visual Application for Upgrading Archeological Studies and Museum Presentation" (Demo-video filmed in the Sicilian archaeological areas of Segesta, Selinunte and Mozia).

 Client :Self-production in collaboration with OUT4FRAME & Sovrintendenza dei Beni Culturali della Regione Sicilia. Italy,  2011


2011 Photographic restoration: high-end techniques development

Photographic restoration and reprinting of original photographic negatives and prints: extreme high-end techniques development

The personal technical knowledge of general photography, photographic techniques, history and the knowledge of post-production of digital photography has allowed  the testing of a complex combination of analogue-traditional techniques, chemicals and digitals equipments, putting together the state of art equipments, but also with the use of some high-end and apparently obsolete instruments. Make the possibility of obtaining photographic duplicates, using original-chemical technique with a very high quality results and the perfect control of the aesthetic, even in the copy of the historical photographs.

Self-Production, in collaboration whit the famous photographer Enzo Sellerio. Italy, 2011

2011/2012 "The Light and The Land"

Strategic, Visual, and Institutional communication for the “Istituto della Vite e del Vino della Regione Sicilia” 

A project about the valorisation of the Sicilia region, like excellence area production, during the “VINITALY” (international wine fair in Verona -Italy), and  about each other international wine fair for the years 2011 and 2012. A project based in the selection and presentation of a specific photographic exhibition, and in a printing set of selected and representative images, about the Sicily.

 Client: Istituto Regionale per la Vite ed il Vino della Regione Sicilia/Italy (2011)

2010 / 2011 M.U.S.A. Project - Mozia Underwater Survey And Archaelogy.

Institutional relationship and a visual work project for the “Sovrintendenza del Mare della Regione Sicilia” 

An International partnership funding the survey of a submarine archeological site. 

- International relationship development for fellowship assignments during the survey operations archeaeologist participation from Italy, Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt. 
- The Visual work comprehensives of photographic shooting set and the video direction during the submarine archaeologic international survey named:  M.U.S.A Project - Mozia Underwater Survey And Archaelogy.  

Client: Regione Sicilia/SYS- Servizi per l’archeologia. Italy (2010 & 2011)

2010 Working for the “Museo di Storia Patria”

Visual communication for the “Museo di Storia Patria” 

Visual works inside the general museographic project for remaking the “Museo di Storia Patria”, Palermo (Italy).  

Client: Società Siciliana di Storia Patria/Fondazione Banco di Sicilia (2010)

2009 “Mediterraneo: La Memoria delle Pietre”

Permanent Exhibition “Mediterraneo: La Memoria Delle Pietre / Selinunte Visioni Possibili” 

Total care of the project: from idea to the texts writing, from image's choice or realisation to the graphics, from executive projects to the installation. This exhibit is now permanently exposed in the museum of the CAM-Campus Archeologico Museale, concerning the archeological history of the ancient greek's site of Selinunte in Western Sicily in a personal interpretation and illustration manner, and in a unusual presentation.  

Client: Fondazione Kepha/CAM- Campus Archeologico Museale, Italy, 2009

The illustration project about the history of  the  archaeological site of Selinunte and the  site of the Cave di Cusa

2007/2008 Working for the “CCIH - Centre Culturel International de Hammamet”

Works for the “CCIH - Centre Culturel International de Hammamet”

It is a strategy set of actions and presentations for the internationals relationship institute; in order also to develop a project of contemporary architecture for the CCIH -Centre Culturel International de Hammamet. 

Client: CCIH -Centre Culturel International de Hammamet/Ministère de la Culture, Tunisia, 2008

2008 “Mediterraneo-Sahara: Commerci, Scambi e Cultura dell’Acqua”

“Mediterraneo-Sahara: Commerci, Scambi e Cultura dell’Acqua”: a itinerant exhibition 

It is the improvement (concept, writing, architecture, design, texts, visual communication, general direction) of the itinerant and bi-lingual exhibition entitled "Mediterraneo-Sahara: Commerci, Scambi e Cultura dell'Acqua ".

It was opened in Italy (Palermo, Bari, Napoli 2008/2009) and  in Morocco (2011). 

Client: a principal italian NGO-CISS- Cooperazione Internazionale Sud-Sud, 2008 (http://www.medisahara.info)

The exhibition is composed of 26 panels with graphics and french-italian texts, 13 large supports for the panels, 7 furniture exhibitors for fine-art photos, 6 videos, 2 terrains models, 1 diorama. All the structures were built as a prototype to be easily assembled, disassembled, packed and transported in standard boxes. 

Some graphic panels about the exhibit


2006 / 2008 Sailing Yacth refitting

Sailing Yacth refitting

It is a technical collaboration Interested in the design and the technical refitting  of a sailing yacht in racing (class VOR 60 ex-Volvo Ocean Race).
Client: Private owner, 2006/2008

See the boat in navigation:

2006/2010 Maxi-Yacht Marina

Maxi-Yacht Marina in Trapani (Sicily)

It provides a feasibility study and a business plan both of a preliminary designs, technicals analysis and drawings, general plans, product analysis and strategic plan of actions  for a maxi-yacht port located in the South Mediterranean Area. . In collaboration with a leading international shipyard.

Client: Trapaniact2/Ferragamo-Nautor Swan Group, Italy, 2006/20010)

2005 Il Ventre – The Belly

Il Ventre – The Belly

It is the design of a particular  building: a stand for gastronomic an cultural events. It is made of handcraft materials, and building techniques. 

Client: Olio Verde, Castelvetrano, Italia, 2005

1999/2007 Cultural conservation pratices in Morocco

Feasibility study and heritage planning strategy in the southern Morocco: Architectural, environmental recovery and cultural conservation pratices.

It’s a feasibility study and  Plans about architectonic and environmental recovery, cultural conservation practices in Morocco
The plan starts from a personal thought about an abandoned site where there is a middle-age minaret (probably of Almohade age). The area consists in a large and beautiful oasis in the extreme South of Morocco.  

Following historical facts, cultural, social and economic verifications, This area is thought to be enhanced by a plan aiming to architectonical and urban renewal  both. It based on using of environmental and local resources, in order to develop a sustainable economic strategy for the area. Therefore culture tourism improvement and agriculture development both are the main point fixed by the plan. . The feasibility plan has been developed in collaboration with an Italian NGO, in co-operation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Italy.  The project is currently financed (2008) and  now in final phase.

 With: C.I.S.S. NGO- Cooperazione Internazionale Sud-Sud , Palermo, 1999/2007

See also the web page: http://minaret-akka.blogspot.com

Le minaret de Akka, Sud Maroc

2002-2005 Uomo di Zucchero

Uomo di Zucchero (Homme de Sucre)

It is a complex project which involves several aspects. A research has been done about the sicilian tradition of “Sugar’s puppets”, which consists in a video making project and a photographic reportage. But it also involves a scenographic and museographic project, in order to set an exhibition about Sicilian folks and traditions called  "Day of the Dead". An exhibition starded and created for a Belgian museum and later exported in many countries. 

Client: Suiker Museum Tienen (Belgique) - Christine Armengaud (France), Palermo-Paris-Tienen, 2002/2005

See the documentary on Youtube :

VIDEO : Pupi di zucchero parte 1°

VIDEO : Pupi di zucchero parte 2°

2002 L’Homme de Pain

L’Homme de Pain

It is the setting of an exhibition entitled “L’Homme de Pain”, and promoted by the Centre Culturel Français de Palerme et de Sicilie (Ambassade de France en Italie). It is a  temporary exhibition which stress the  artistic-anthropological meanings of the daily use of bread in many different cultures along the Mediterranean coast. 

Client: Centre Culturel Français de Palerme et de Sicile - Christine Armengaud (France), Palermo-Paris, 2002

2001 Working for "The Museo del Sale

Il Museo del Sale nella Riserva Naturale delle Saline di Trapani e Paceco. 
(The Museum of Salt inside the Natural Reserve of Trapani’s and Paceco salt-works )

It is a feasibility study which supports the decision-making  process on the whole renewal plan of a small museum - The Salt Museum - which is also a private activity. It provides solutions to commercial and managerial issues. The museum reviews its contents and aims, developing a new model of communication. The museum is located in an area included in the Natural Reserve of Salt-works of Trapani and Paceco.

 Client: Museo del Sale, Nubia-Trapani, 2001

1992/2001 Museum Studies: Museology and Museography of the world and in the cultures

Ten years of surveys, on-field researches, photographic and documentary works of museum studies. 
A large research on the observation and analysis of many issues and addresses generally present in contemporary museum project. About 70 museums of the world were observed compared to the "concept" of the museum, its history, its architecture, museology, museum communication, management of cultural heritage, archaeological and environmental. 

This study was extended also with other issues related to cultural heritage, such as:
the museum in the history and cultures: observations and analysis of the most significant and international experiences. Cultural heritage management: analysis of experiences and identification of appropriate strategies. Marketing strategies for cultural heritage and museums: international experiences. Alternatives Museums: archaeological parks, parks and natural environmentalist, Heritage centers, local museums and the territory as a museum. Public museums: assessment, development, recognition, wants, goals.
Museum-technics: general, specialized technology. Communication in museums: image, disclosure, education, interactivity, media design. The graphic design for the culture communication. The heritage preservation in a museum.

 With: Università di Palermo/Italy (1992/2001)

2000 Salone Euro-Mediterraneo del Restauro e dei Beni culturali

Salone Euro-Mediterraneo del Restauro e dei Beni culturali (Meeting on Euro-Mediterranean heritage planning and historical  environment conservation)

It’s a feasibility study in respond of  a request of the  “Istituto per l’Arte ed il Restauro Palazzo Spinelli” in Florence,   aiming to set  a commercial event in Sicily.  The study is a controlled process for identifying weakness and opportunities of alternatives for a plan in North Africa, the Middle East and even all the Countries of the Mediterranean region. Topics and tasks: economy, urban renewal, cultural tourism, archaeology, training and cultural research.

Client: Istituto per l’Arte ed il Restauro “Palazzo Spinelli” – Firenze - 2000

1999 Cultural heritage business development in Sicily

Sites and Cultural Heritage planning for Sicily. 

A survey on Sicilian heritage, its sites and monuments, to reflect and develop assessmentsaround the management of the same

With: Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Paris - 1999

1998/1999 Fondazione Orestiadi di Gibellina & Museo delle Trame Mediterranee

Fondazione Orestiadi di Gibellina & Museo delle Trame Mediterranee 

It involves a collaboration with Fondazione Orestiadi and the Museum of The Mediterranean Textures, which has made of several cultural events about decorative arts of the whole Mediterranean region. It supports the theory that cultural and artistic tasks among different countries, have many comparable aspects. The emphasis is on the kin of so many different cultural signs. Historical roots and even technical culture have been represented through projects which work on the enhancement of places where this knowledge has been produced. 

Several cultural projects and exhibitions have been developed in the field of the culture of the decorative arts of the Countries of the Mediterranean (Morocco, Tunisia, Albania).                        

I was tasked also responsible for the cataloguing of the exceptional jewels collection of the countries of Saharan Africa and the Maghreb, in relation to my specific acquaintances and experiences in the field.

 With: Fondazione Orestiadi di Gibellina  e Museo delle Trame Mediterranee – Gibellina - 1998-1999

1998 Il Museo del Mare e delle Genti Mediterranee ©

The Museum of the Sea and Mediterranean People
(Il Museo del Mare e delle Genti Mediterranee ©)

The plan consists in the creation of a new museum placed in an urban area close to the city of Palermo (Sicily). It is part of an heritage planning to develop and enhance the whole urban area around PalermoSo this plan is a local scale application of a more wide research finalized to define a complex system made of  many small different local museums.

It is going on tracing of the development of a new concept of contemporary museum, that involves museal networks and systems linking material culture and heritage in the historical setting. Again, the plan is part of a more large strategy, supported by the regional authority, that it is called "System of the Museums of the Sea and the Mediterranean People"

This is based on many criteria which suppose  firstly, the analysis of a vast urban area by the sea.  Then many strategic spots are individualized, and each is expected to be enhanced by different plans sponsored by local authority. The main aspect of this complex plan is that it could be adapted to every other countries with similar history, or even, equal cultural, social and economic issues. The meaning of the “headline” vividly reminds to the relationship between the idea of museum and Government Authority. 

Client:: Municipality of Isola delle Femmine, Palermo, 1998