2002-2005 Uomo di Zucchero

Uomo di Zucchero (Homme de Sucre)

It is a complex project which involves several aspects. A research has been done about the sicilian tradition of “Sugar’s puppets”, which consists in a video making project and a photographic reportage. But it also involves a scenographic and museographic project, in order to set an exhibition about Sicilian folks and traditions called  "Day of the Dead". An exhibition starded and created for a Belgian museum and later exported in many countries. 

Client: Suiker Museum Tienen (Belgique) - Christine Armengaud (France), Palermo-Paris-Tienen, 2002/2005

See the documentary on Youtube :

VIDEO : Pupi di zucchero parte 1°

VIDEO : Pupi di zucchero parte 2°

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