1999/2007 Cultural conservation pratices in Morocco

Feasibility study and heritage planning strategy in the southern Morocco: Architectural, environmental recovery and cultural conservation pratices.

It’s a feasibility study and  Plans about architectonic and environmental recovery, cultural conservation practices in Morocco
The plan starts from a personal thought about an abandoned site where there is a middle-age minaret (probably of Almohade age). The area consists in a large and beautiful oasis in the extreme South of Morocco.  

Following historical facts, cultural, social and economic verifications, This area is thought to be enhanced by a plan aiming to architectonical and urban renewal  both. It based on using of environmental and local resources, in order to develop a sustainable economic strategy for the area. Therefore culture tourism improvement and agriculture development both are the main point fixed by the plan. . The feasibility plan has been developed in collaboration with an Italian NGO, in co-operation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Italy.  The project is currently financed (2008) and  now in final phase.

 With: C.I.S.S. NGO- Cooperazione Internazionale Sud-Sud , Palermo, 1999/2007

See also the web page: http://minaret-akka.blogspot.com

Le minaret de Akka, Sud Maroc

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