1998 Il Museo del Mare e delle Genti Mediterranee ©

The Museum of the Sea and Mediterranean People
(Il Museo del Mare e delle Genti Mediterranee ©)

The plan consists in the creation of a new museum placed in an urban area close to the city of Palermo (Sicily). It is part of an heritage planning to develop and enhance the whole urban area around PalermoSo this plan is a local scale application of a more wide research finalized to define a complex system made of  many small different local museums.

It is going on tracing of the development of a new concept of contemporary museum, that involves museal networks and systems linking material culture and heritage in the historical setting. Again, the plan is part of a more large strategy, supported by the regional authority, that it is called "System of the Museums of the Sea and the Mediterranean People"

This is based on many criteria which suppose  firstly, the analysis of a vast urban area by the sea.  Then many strategic spots are individualized, and each is expected to be enhanced by different plans sponsored by local authority. The main aspect of this complex plan is that it could be adapted to every other countries with similar history, or even, equal cultural, social and economic issues. The meaning of the “headline” vividly reminds to the relationship between the idea of museum and Government Authority. 

Client:: Municipality of Isola delle Femmine, Palermo, 1998

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